POSHVIC Raw & Organic Whole Dried Blueberries


  • HEALTH GAIN FACTOR : Blueberries pack a nutritional punch, being low in sodium and calories and containing a host of vitamins and minerals.
  • FEEL GOOD FACTOR : Blueberries can be eaten on their own, but they find a place in your oatmeal, salads and are even a oft-used ingredient in trail mixes.
  • QUALITY FACTOR : Sources the blueberries from the best, then dehydrates them naturally and to our specifications.
  • Helps in slowing aging naturally
  • Helps in maintaining dental hygiene.
0.10 kg / 100 gms

Blueberries bring you the brightest ray of hope for staying young. These “superfood” berries are packed with antioxidants.They are a very good source of vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese. Blueberries are also a good source of fiber and copper. blueberries are packed with a nutritional punch. Blueberries are low in sodium and calories and contain a host of vitamins and minerals.

Pack of:

0.10 kg / 100 gms


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